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About Us


At Radiant Heartlight healing, we want to meet and connect with those human beings interested in understanding and realizing the Divine. Thereby changing their life circumstance for the better.

Where someone is now and guiding them to reach their unlimited potential freedom in self-actualization.

People are suffering everywhere. Those who want real change based on doing something other than what they have done now will need to do the hard work on the stone to mold their existence to what they want.

At radiant heart healing, we stand for the shinning of the collective consciousness healing one body at a time.


Our Approach


Michael Ginsberg has had 3 profoundly powerful Spiritual Masters.That served his heart to awaken to real God.Michael has been Divinely inspired to create. A special and serviceable spiritual healing treatment with the Shakti, spirit current. He has named it, Walking Down The Light. In the Healing Garden.

He assists human beings in their personal transformations. He helps them get in touch with their true self, Michael helps people to energetically open, getting them divinely connected to the source energy of all things. Giving them mental and spiritual clarity. Which his partner Faithe calls a soul healing. She says, this makes you aware of your emotional patterns, that are holding you back, and keeping you in the loop of suffering.

Experience of Healing