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I have been doing healing for 35 years. I originally learned from a great teacher. He taught a series of movements on the human body that balance and calibrate chakras and energetic inharmony.

Then I met my true spiritual master, and my way of doing healing changed forever.

I have to let Divine spiritual grace take over the process.

I have aura vision which allows me to see pathologies before they take hold in the body; I am sensitive to energies of all kinds. I used the forces of the Earth, sun, moon, and the unblocking of sexual life to help many people by employing these characteristics of the universe so that people could heal from trauma. I worked with all these for 25 years.

What I discovered is this. When I get out of the way and let the powerful current of being flood into a patient, it is the one who does the work.

I realized and understood that I did not have to use artificial artifices, teachings, or techniques.

The spirit is whole and perfect already. It purifies human beings because it is the source of light and power; it stands on its own as being itself which is always free and unlimited.

The force descended into my body-mind and penetrated me thoroughly; I was able to transmit this to my patient by the grace of the universe and make bright changes in their existence. These collectively include spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional karmic bondage to a life steeped in misery and problems.

My life’s work clears suffering and restores patients to harmony, love, and bliss their native condition.

Then it becomes clear what I share with them is that suffering comes from within, not outside oneself. This misery and darkness are bound up energy not inspected by feeling and understanding that these unconscious mindful fixations of attention are hurting them.

When this higher light goes into a person by the grace of God, and with their willingness to change, I assist them in converting this darkness to love.

Because, in truth, love is darkness, anger, fear, and sorrow; love stopped short of infinity. In this sense, all of the above is ultimately an illusion. But, right smack in the middle of that darkness is love. It is always already there.

I have created the name of my service, walking down the light in the healing garden. This garden is where the conversion takes place, where human beings can release obstructions that separate them from connecting to the spirit, which is the source of love itself.


$200 for 60 minutes.

We are Available Only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 am to 7pm