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Life/Health Reading

An ordinary psychic reading shares details about your life, including finances, romances, and health. I have been a clairvoyant/psychic for 35 years predicting anything and everything. Now that I have become awake in Divine realization. I no longer do a straight psychic reading because it only serves a person a little bit.
The predictions and guidance a reader can offer you are to see your patterns in the past, present, or future. Yet they do not help you understand your Karmic path. So I do what I coined life/health readings.

During one of these readings, I transmit a potent Divine energy transmission by the grace of the spirit of the universe. Then this power allows access to unlimited light and love, which you can feel in your body. At this point, I will share with my client why they live with certain habits, frustration, and fixations of attention. Such as an abusive relationship.

From here, I will let them know how they have gotten to this place in their lives and what steps they can take to understand themselves better. For example, a person may come to me for help and want to know why they do not have much money. My readings do not focus on psychic predictions. Instead, it uses a higher faculty of Divine intelligence to serve people’s hearts. For example, I have done many life/health readings; what I have observed is that right away, two things happen.

1) People begin to understand their emotional and physical pain.

2) Their hidden thoughts, feelings, sensations, gestures, and behaviors surface. Their unconscious becomes conscious. Showing them what has been going on all along. The process changes their existence.

This service is invaluable for humanity at this time on the planet.


$200 for 60 minutes.

We are Available Only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 am to 7pm