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Meditation has existed eternally. Spiritual masters, gurus, saints and sages, and various great beings have expounded.

Offering great teachings to humanity.

I participated in a great and powerful form of meditation 3 hours a day for ten years.

What I discovered was very dynamic and illuminating; it served my life profoundly.
Yet somehow, it left me disconnected from the physical world.

I could not function; I had checked out of daily life.

I had visions, energies rising, and spiritual experiences. Yet I did not have peace after formal mediation as I engaged with people, places, objects, and things once again. I drove myself to find a way to lead to permanent God-contact without ceasing. What flowed from my discovery is this, all the energy inside me was blocked, bound, and dark. People are running from physical, mental, and emotional pain. You are looking to meditate to avoid bad feelings and go to a place where you can distance yourself from your suffering. After meditation for that sitting, it becomes clear that these horrible energies inside oneself can only be eradicated by once again sitting for formal meditation for a time. Many have said take that feeling you get when you meditate into your daily life. Thie above is problematic for two reasons: you have to go somewhere to get something better than right here, and right here is where the Divine is not somewhere else. In this sense, you realize going to an extraordinary place is somewhere you cannot stay when dealing with something difficult or traumatic that demands you to remain present. In contrast, traditional mediation will calm you nurture, and feed your life. The practice is a cause-and-effect mechanism that cannot ultimately serve because you must do something to your actual condition before getting there.

People need a way-shower that transmits their realization of the great spirit. So that which is always the case, nowhere to go, nothing to attain or accomplish or experience, is what meditation is.

Meditate with me. I will transmit the blessing and awakening forceā€”no seeking, no searching for lights, visions, sounds, etc. One must surrender whole bodily to commune with the Divine. It would be best if you had a teacher or a muni who has the expertise and communicates this force to you directly without a word of explanation.

I can instruct you in the art of a no seeking mediation; I can do it on zoom, meetup, or in person.

I have written a book on all of this, and it is entitled

A Path To Freedom the awakening.


$200 for 60 minutes.

We are Available Only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 am to 7pm