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The value of prayer in healing is incomparable. It offers you the support and comfort that you need in the time of despair and grief. Studies have shown that patients suffering from chronic illness feel better when they pray. Prayer has strong healing power, whether you feel hopeless, sad, stressed, or depressed.

Some people complain that they are unable to pray when they are stressed. If you are one of those people, we recommend stress relief breathing therapy.

How Does Breath Therapy Help With Stress?

Take a deep breath and now exhale out. Did you notice a discrepancy in how you feel?

Deep breathing is a powerful technique to lower down the stress level in your body. When you breathe deeply, it transmits a notification to your brain to relax and calm down. The brain then transmits the same message to your body.  The stress relief breathing therapy would lower the high blood pressure, fast breathing, heartbeat, stress, and tension. There are numerous breathing techniques that you can try for stress relief. Let’s look at some of them.

Belly Breathing Technique

It is a basic breathing exercise, and you can perform it anytime by following the below-mentioned steps:

Belly Breathing Technique

It is another breathing exercise that will help you calm down and relax. You can perform this exercise by following the steps shared below

Morning Breathing Excercises

This breath exercise must be performed in the morning when you first get up. It relieves back tension, muscle stiffness and clears the blocked breathing path. You can perform this exercise by following the steps shared below.