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Remote Healing


Long Distance Healing

Long-distance healing with a realizer transmits deep love and peace. It connects you with universal wisdom—a very different thing from someone doing long-distance healing using creature power with no transmission.
One of my spiritual masters once told me that the transmission is rare, sacred, and uniquely beautiful.
The journey with a guru of this type is a catalyst, lifting you out of mediocrity and complacency.
This process works naturally. The realizer of the spirit knows only non-separation and is always at the source of where your true self is.
The spiritual teacher who is intimate with God can help you with prolonged standing trauma.
How your mind operates through the unconscious or subconscious habit patterns dictates what you will manifest.

The unconscious contraction penetrated and freed up allows for your karmic tendencies to weaken, giving you an individual level of brilliance ( being able to do things you previously could not or being able to concentrate determinably on one thing for a long time).
The most extensive areas of contraction and suffering find themselves in the abdomen, throat, head, and sexual organs. While other regions of the human form have blocked life energy, these create many obstructions and difficulties.
A manifestation of the above would be gas constipation(not able to eliminate negative ideas or habits)
Migraine headaches and brain fog, inability to concentrate(neck pain which leads to headaches of this type)
Poor immunity due to suppression of speech affects the lymphatic and endocrine systems (which do not allow free verbal expression, which will run you down.
All of these make your life hell.
I must look these contractions right in the eye and purify them. They are ultimately not even there. As my spiritual master said, they are a fist full of dust.

They are like dark dust; I go in and dust them out, people have these patterns, and they are hell deep.

The process frees up attention and liberates it.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to be in the spiritual teacher’s human company for this healing. Instead, you can receive it from the privacy of your own home.

The results show better relationships, better health, less stress, more money, etc.


$200 for 60 minutes.

We are Available Only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 am to 7pm