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I have been working with Michael over 3 months now. He has helped me tremendously with my Generalized Anxiety Disorder and other things. Michael is very gifted in so many ways. He can do a Healing or Reading with you over the phone. He has many years of experience as a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Healer, Massage Therapist and Author. He is a Real Guru. I am so blessed that I found him. I was a wreck in every area of my life when I met Michael. Financially, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally. That is ALL turning around thanks to his help. I HIGHLY recommend you do a session or more with him. He is also available to work with students too. I am considered a devotee of his. We meditate, chant, do puja (prayer) and a variety of other things. I refuse to take medication for my anxiety. I would rather do it naturally. Thanks for reading this.
Faithe H. Mesa, AZ.
From working a few sessions with Michael, I have experienced a tremendously positive change in my overall well-being and my outlook on daily life is so much better. He explained the procedure as to what we would be doing and initially went over what specific things that I wanted to work on. My intuition has seen a dramatic increase well above what I had anticipated, and this is due to the power of the work that Michael is able to do while working with someone. He was extremely professional, well spoken, & always kept me squarely in the loop throughout all of our sessions. Also, my overall level of energy, stamina, & positive mental attitude are definitely where I want them to be as I continue to move down the journey working with Michael to achieve all of the goals that I have set forth for myself. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for help in dealing with issues or things that might be troubling them in life or even just anyone who is looking to improve their own individual goals to work with Michael as he most definitely is effective and shows results just as he had stated before the sessions began.
Dave Sutheimer