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For anyone who is on a spiritual journey to seek spiritual healing for the mind, body, and soul, you may need help. This is one of the reasons people need a spiritual healing guru.

A spiritual healing guru is anyone that helps to enlighten you on the path of discovering your true spiritual self. Spiritual healing gurus do not just exist independently but can be identified as the reflection of your light.

If you read further in this blog, we will discuss the types of spiritual gurus, including the way to identify a true guru. Let’s dive in!

Types of Spiritual Gurus

Several spiritual gurus play different roles in helping you identify your true self. This includes parents, priests, school teachers, and even college professors.

Below we will discuss the different types of spiritual gurus that will help you realize your true self.

#1. Teachers

Teachers play a primary role in helping you identify your true self through intellectual enlightenment. Although they encourage higher stages of consciousness, they are often not found in this stage. This means that what they share is often from a limited level of knowledge and experience.

#2. Masters

Whether they are alive or dead, several professional gurus can guide you on your spiritual healing journey.

Learning from a dead spiritual guru will expose you to great teachings they had to experience in their lifetime. However, it will limit you from having physical interactions with them.

Choosing to learn from a living spiritual guru means you understand that they may not provide a lifetime experience. However, you get to benefit tremendously from being in their presence.

This is why it is advisable to seek understanding instead of the grace and blessings of a spiritual guru alone; else, you may confuse your healing process.

#3. Enlightened Masters

There are a few enlightened spiritual masters on earth today. This set of people chooses to share themselves with the world by helping people awaken to the truth.

Their primary difference is that they will not just show you the way but will help you remove any veil of ignorance you may have. You test your limits and experience discomfort here, but you will get your spiritual healing faster.

How to Identify a True Spiritual Guru

    • A true spiritual guru teaches pure love and light in whatever form you need at that moment.
    • A true spiritual guru has a proper understanding of what they teach
    • A true spiritual guru is pure in thought, actions, and words
    • A true spiritual guru is conscious of building students to full mastery


A spiritual healing guru only offers you guidance to become your true self. Now it’s time for you to take a step further in your spiritual healing process.